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RTVCweb Personal Location Services is an online website Java-based Console for Personal Location System, which is a simplified version of the RTVC Personal Locations System.

This Service is best viewed by Microsoft Internet Explorer (IE) 5.5 or above and to run on a 512Mbytes RAM and 1GHz (CPU) (or above) computer efficiently. Note that you might have to disable your firewall, if any, in order to access the RTVCweb. For new user, the initial set up for the first time may take 20 minutes or so if broadband connection is not used. Once running, higher precision of RTVCweb may be further exercised by user at will.

Guides and Tools:
1. First Time Installation Guide
2. Manual Java Runtime System installation for the FIRST TIME user via 3TIS website
3. Optional: Extra Java Web Start if you wish to have additional Java Web Start Console
4. If you encounter problems when running RTISweb, please visit Trouble Shooting for System Installation for running RTISweb
5. RTISweb un-Installer.
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